Packing guide for your kitchen

Packing away your kitchen items requires careful planning as there will be a lot of delicate and fragile items. Whilst some rooms in your house doesn’t require much of a strategic approach at all and can simply be bulk-loaded into boxes, the kitchen is different.

Your kitchen may have lots of items made of glass or expensive china and crockery. It is important that you are very careful in how you handle and package these so that they arrive at your new property without any chips or cracks. Here are some guidelines for a safe kitchen removal:

Glass and China

All of your plates, glasses and crockery need to be carefully wrapped before the move. If these are particularly expensive or sentimental then it is a good idea to label the boxes so that anyone handling them know to be extra careful. Just simply writing fragile on the box would give you that extra bit of caution when you are loading or unloading it. Also, you should try to avoid using cardboard boxes, as although these are great for most packaging, they aren’t as sturdy and protective as plastic boxes.


When you are moving house you will find you have cupboards or pantries of unused food and food items. It is a good idea to have a clear out of food that you haven’t used in months. It is not uncommon for movers to have two or three boxes full of tinned food that has been in the cupboards for months. If this is the case, save the time and costs it is going to take to transport them and just replenish your new house with fresh stock once you are settled.

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