Top tips for packing when moving house

top tips for moving house

Moving day is always stressful, but it makes things a lot easier if you have your packing sorted with a bit of time to spare. Regular occurrences such as realising you don’t have enough boxes or not even starting to pack until a day or two before are catalysts to a disaster house move. Here at AR Removals, we have come up with some top tips to help you with your packing when you move house.

Before you start the packing

Don’t leave everything until the day before. If you do, you won’t have time to think about vital things such as what you want to keep, what you want to throw away, and you won’t have time to carefully pack those fragile items. All you will have time for is throwing anything and everything in to a box and sealing it up.

  • Get your boxes well in advance. Think about other useful items such as bin bags, bubble wrap etc.
  • Take time to have a clear-out, it means you will have less things to take over to your new home
  • Make a packing list, stating items which are a priority

Think ahead

Be smart, think about which items you will need at the start of the move, and make those easily accessible.

  • Load items you want least on to the van first
  • Pack an essentials box, filled with items such as toilet roll, pain-killers, food and drink etc. – The items you will want on the first night in your new home
  • Finish any washing to avoid packing damp clothes

Be sensible

Taking time on your packing is a must, valuables need to be carefully wrapped, furniture may need to be dismantled and you need to think about whether you want certain items.

  • Start well in advance, packing always takes longer than you think, especially if you’re having a big clear-out along the way and start reminiscing
  • Minimise the weight of the boxes as much as you can
  • Pack heavier items at the bottom and lighter items at the top
  • Put each item in specific groups, then label the boxes with that group. For example, important documents such as passports and birth certificates

If you need an experienced, Yorkshire based removal company to help with your house move, be sure to give us a call here at AR Removals on 01924 371164.

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