Best ways to pack your bedroom items

The bedroom is one of the most used rooms in your house and his home to some of our most personal and sentimental items. Like with other similarly busy rooms, you can’t simply pack all of the contents on moving day. You will need to give a lot of time to prepare for packing your bedroom and prioritise some items over others. Here is our guide to help make a quick and efficient bedroom move.

Start with unused items
If you focus on the items that you do not use regularly this will help make it much easier. You should leave the items you use on a daily basis right to the very end to save inconveniencing yourself. Things like out of season or old clothes can be packed into boxes or bags relatively early. As you get nearer the move-in date, you can begin to pack more and more of your wardrobe. Try to save things like hairdryers, mirrors or anything you use regularly until the last day which can be easily and effortless be packed into one or two boxes.

Look after costly items
Every room should place similar items together, whether they are grouped by type or value, and then labelled accordingly. If you put several expensive items together you can then label this so people know to handle it with care, it will also be much easier to keep them all in one place so you don’t lose any individual items. This work great for things like jewellery or keepsakes that are small but are worth a lot to the family.

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