Common problems when moving home

AR Removals is dedicated to ensuring a smooth, problem-free removal experience for house movers, and Wakefield-based AR Removals will always arrange a pre-quote visit to agree what is required for each move, to avoid misunderstandings, and problems on moving day. A recent survey in Which? suggests some house-moving problems may be unavoidable, though.

The top 10 problems for house movers, identified by 2,000 Which? members, are as follows:

  1. Delays in the house sale chain. This was a problem for 19% of respondents, and in many cases, is difficult to avoid.
  2. Finding a suitable property. A problem besetting 18% of those surveyed, causing headaches for prospective house movers well before moving day.
  3. Sellers leaving their home in a mess, with rubbish and even furniture left for the new occupant to clear up. This was a problem for 13% of new occupants, and can not entirely be prevented, although a clear and detailed pre-sale agreement may help.
  4. Timing problems on moving day. This is particularly likely if sale chains are long, with each move adding to delays. Check with your removal company for possible delay plans, and if possible arrange emergency accommodation.
  5. Removal company problems. 10% of house movers had difficulty with their removal company, but if you engage AR removals, the reliable, experienced removals team will help your move go smoothly.
  6. Getting a mortgage was a problem for 10% of prospective movers. Shop around exhaustively, and try saving for a bigger deposit.
  7. Sellers pulling out beset 9% of house moves. This can be unavoidable, but it may be worth asking if any terms, such as price, or date, can be altered to facilitate the move.
  8. Conveyancing problems. Use a conveyancer you are confident about, preferably one that comes with a personal recommendation.
  9. Gazumping is a problem for 9% of house buyers. Check with your solicitor if anything can be done to avoid this problem.
  10. Surveys can cause confusion. Don’t hesitate to ask for an explanation, and make sure you are happy with your survey before proceeding.

AR Removals knows how stressful moving day can be, and they are experienced at making sure everything that can be controlled will run smoothly for you. For advice about a stress-free removal day, contact the friendly team at AR Removals, in Wakefield. Or call us now on 01924 371164.

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