Decluttering when Moving House

When it comes to that time of moving home, the chances are you will rediscover things that you completely forgot you had. Things that have been hiding away year after year, and you completely forgot that you owned it. But suddenly, you create an emotional attachment to the cheap teddy bear you won four years ago at your local fair. Well here at AR Removals, we’ve come up with some top tips to help de-clutter your home when you’re moving, so the useless clutter do not find their way in to your new home.

The most important questions to keep asking yourself are:

  • Do I really need it?
  • Why am I keeping it?
  • Does it fit me? (If clothes)
  • Am I just keeping it for sentimental reasons?

After weeks of putting it off, the day will arrive when you are faced with the clutter. We recommend the best way to make the process as easy as possible is using the four-box method. Labelling the four boxes: keep to use, keep to store, give away, or throw.

Ensure that when you’re sifting through your belongings, to remain selective and ruthless. It’s easy to be sentimental, especially if there is a certain memory attached to the item. But if you’ve had little to no use of it in the last couple of years, be honest, are you going to be using it again? Do you need it?

When it comes to clothing, if it doesn’t fit you, don’t save it in the hopes that one day it might. Be ruthless, and give it to charity!

Paperwork seems to be something else that people are reluctant to chuck away. Now you’re moving, it’s a great time to get the paper shredder out and work out what you do need and what you don’t. However, the good news is that reducing your paperwork clutter is one of the most satisfying parts of de-cluttering. Make a file of all appropriate paperwork, which is less than four years old and get rid of any old bills, policy papers which are no longer active and out of date.

Ensure however, that you don’t just bin them – always shred. Information like this is targeted by fraudsters, even if torn up – it can always be easily pieced back together.

Here at AR Removals we’re experts on making the moving process as simple as possible. Based in Wakefield and servicing the surrounding areas in Yorkshire. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your moving requirements on 01924 371164.



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