How to move plants

Moving house can be an extremely exciting time. Its often a new start and a door to a new life. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave your old life behind. AR Removals in Wakefield can help you bring your old life with you.

Removal companies are experts in a safe and trustworthy transition of one property to another. This is usually anything from antiques, vintage furniture, electronics and even plants. For many homes plants are a central feature to the interior decoration. For some homeowners their decorative plants can be as an essential feature as a dining table or fireplace. House plants can often last over 50 years and have been passed down through generations, which is why you need an experienced removal company to help.


The first thing to consider when moving a plant is the preparation. Preparation is key and if the right steps are taken then a plant can survive for two days in transport.

  • Wrap the clay pots in a damp newspaper and then add a layer or two of dry paper.
  • Tie up the stems of any large plants with elastic bands so that the movie isn’t complicated by stray branches.
  • Pack the plants closely together in boxes pots and fill any spaces in the pots with paper so they don’t crack or break on transport.
  • Punch holes in the sides of the boxes that will work as air holes allowing the pants to breathe.
  • Check the plants for bugs or parasites.

Avoid shocking the plants on transport

Moving plants can often stress plants. Changing their environment and living conditions even temporarily can potential damage or kill plants. Here’s what to watch out for.

Extreme temperatures can be fatal to your plants. You should do your best to insulate them from the dangerously high or dangerously low temperatures.

if you are moving your plants in the summer remember to water your plants before the journey. Try to water them the night before too. F you are moving your plants in winter then do not water your plants for up to 36 hours before the moving day.

The sudden change from natural light to darkness can hurt the plants life and also the aesthetics of the leafs. Try to adapt your plants to this change over time by exposing them to less light gradually, for a week or so before the move.

Once you arrive at your new homes

The key here is to act quickly. Unpack your plants as soon as possible. Resettle them into well watered and fertile soil.  Be careful not to damage any stems when picking them up or moving them, they can be fragile. If the soil is frozen then keep your plants wrapped up.

By following these steps you can ensure your plants will arrive healthily into your new hoes and new life with you.

For more information on how AR Removals in Wakefield can assist you in moving homes give u a call on 07466165089.

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