How to pack delicate items

Moving house is an inherently stressful day. There is already so much going on that you should aim to do as much you can to make it as easy as possible.

Your moving day should be an extremely exciting time that marks the next step for you and your family. One way you can ensure that the day will go as smoothly as possible is good preparation.  Good preparation means effectively packing and organising your belongings before the move in. If you have delicate or fragile things then you should take extra care in how you get these ready for the switch.

Bubble wrap is your best friend when you are packing fragile belongings, so stock up beforehand. Bubble wrap can be used on every type of fragile item in all shapes and sizes as they provide an extra layer of protection to prevent them breaking or scuffing. Glass is incredibly susceptible to shattering while in transit: each time the removal van hits a speed bump it runs the risk of damaging the glassware, objects and ornaments. Thoroughly wrap any glass in bubble wrap to help with its safe arrival at its new home.

Newspaper is also great for protecting your possessions on your moving day. Whilst paper does not offer as much protection as bubble wrap it still is an essential piece of packaging: bubble wrap protects incredibly fine and delicate items, whereas newspaper does the same but for less fragile items. As opposed to being used for possessions made out of thin glass, you can use newspaper for crockery and vases, for example.

Also, use cardboard boxes to provide an extra bit of strength to your belongings and provide structure for all of your items during the transit. Whenever you use cardboard boxes make sure you don’t exceed the 30lb limit as this can run the risk of the boxes bursting open and smashing its contents. It’s additionally a good tip to fill all of the empty space with tissue paper. This adds an extra bit of support to stop the items from sliding around and knocking into each other.

Cleverly packing your delicate items can go a long way in making your moving day less stressful. Another way to ensure a safe transit of your belongings that will see them arrive at your new property in a great condition is to hire a professional. AR Removals are a professional removal service based in Wakefield that offer a packing and unpacking service by trained staff to guarantee a safe and secure move.

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