Important steps when moving office

An organised office move is key to a successful business. If the move flows smoothly without any hiccups then this stress-free experience will pass on through the business. A stressful and disorganised move however, will put a strain on all the staff involved and have a knock-on effect on how well they work.

To save yourself the aggravation of a needlessly stressed out workforce, call a professional commercial removal service. Moving office should be an exciting time, it is usually a sign of your business changing direction and moving forward.

At Wakefield based AR Removals, we can ensure a quick and easy move to help your business advance into its next stages. There are some steps you can take to help with preparation so that when it comes to moving day everything can be done calmly and swiftly. But hiring a professional removal service for your commercial business has many benefits.

Eliminate risk and damage

The typical modern office is full of expensive equipment. Computers, laptops and tablets are all essential in a company’s day to day activities. These can be very expensive and costs a lot to replace, which is likely to be an expenditure you could do without during an office move. Firstly, make sure you choose a removal company that is insured and covered. This means that, god forbid, if anything does happen during the move you are covered for any costs or damages.

Another way you can reduce the risk of damage to your business is by backing up all electronic work. This isn’t necessarily for financial reasons but losing lots of work and company reports can be more damaging to your business that replacing a computer.

Cut costs

Hiring a professional is definitely going to be faster than trying to move offices and equipment on your own. The likelihood is that it would take far too long than your time is worth. Even if you take your weekends off to drive back and forth with tables, boxes, filing cabinets e.t.c it could still take a week on your own. Likewise, if you want to get your staff to help drive boxes to the new office, or for them to dissemble and reassemble furniture, you’re going to have to pay them at least their hourly pay. Before you know it, your costs are sky-high and the move is beginning to take a serious chunk out of your budget.

Limit downtime

If you choose to hire a professional the move will be done swiftly and smoothly. This reduces the downtime of your business operations than if you were to do the move yourself, as it would likely eat into working hours. A professional removal company can  have the entire move, including packing and unpacking, done in one day.

There are a lot of logistics and planning that is involved in a commercial move. It is not as simple as to just wing it with the boot of your car on moving day as some might think.

An unorganised move can have disastrous effects for your business. It can not only cost a lot of money, it can create lots of business downtime. It can also easily stress out the employers involved and equipment or important paperwork can often get lost due to pure preparation.

AR Removal Services have lots of experience with commercial removals. We have contents insurance, we can usually complete the move in one day and we will do the packing and unpacking. If you’d like to make an enquiry into our commercial removal services call us now on 01924 371 164.

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