Moving house with pets

Moving house is a stressful process but can be exciting and rewarding. For families with pets, however, the process can be even more complicated and stressful.

Here are some tips from our experienced moving team at AR Removals in Wakefield on how to most house with pets.

1.       Safety First.

If you have cats and dogs, it is important to know they will be safe and away from harm while the move is going on. For dogs, you could consider placing them in a kennel on the big day, and for cats, you should try to keep them in a locked room in your house, so you know where they are when it is time to get them. Your pets are likely to be confused and stressed, so it is important to keep them as far away from the process as possible. Remember to feed your pets, and keep one person responsible for them during the move.

2.       Help them settle in

Pets prefer familiar environments, and after you have moved they will find themselves in strange new environment. Cats tend to be quite confident, and dislike being kept indoors, so it will be safe to let them out after a week or two. You can also spread some of their used litter around the property to help your cat feel more familiar once outside.

Dogs tend to be more nervous or excited than cats. You can familiarise your dog with the new house by placing familiar scents and furniture sooner. Letting your dog sleep in a cage for the first few days might be a good idea if they are nervous.

3.       Travelling with your pet

Keep your pets in an appropriate and safe container, such as a cat basket or a cage. If you are travelling a large distance, ensure your pets have access to food and water, and the opportunity to use the toilet. Ensure you secure your carrier or cages correctly in their car. Ensure your pets have the appropriate collars on to identify them if anything should go wrong, and make sure your pets are healthy before the move.

If you need help moving home, AR Removals are an experienced and friendly removal team, working across the Wakefield area. They take pride in helping their customers have an easy and stress free move and have been helping people move house for many years.

If you are moving house in Wakefield call 01924 371164 for a free no obligation quotation.

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