Moving house regularly – Was it all a lifestyle trend?

Before 2007, buyers would buy and sell five properties on average in their lifetime. It has now dropped down to an average of three properties, with most buyers staying in their home for at least 20 years. Originally starting off in a ‘starter home’ until they move on to somewhere that is more ideal and then down-sizing in their later years.

Due to this, your ‘home for life’ search needs to be absolutely perfect and it is essential that you get it spot on. With a lot of buyers pre-planning by writing a tick list of what they need at their new home, it gives them an advantage because they know exactly what they are looking for. Finding your forever home isn’t straight forward though, compromises are inevitable as you and your partner/housemate may not want the same thing, so it is extremely unlikely you will achieve the full tick list.

The single most important decision when buying your property should also be the first decision, the location. There is no point falling in love with a house if it isn’t functional in any way. When the area is decided, you can then move on to budget and everything else.

When re-locating, it is important to drive round the area you are re-locating to, so you can highlight things that may be a problem and things that may be essential to you such as schools, shops, churches etc. It saves both you and the vendor time and effort by doing your research.

We have a huge interest in what goes on in the property industry and love to keep up with the latest trends, as we are the ones who help you move it all! If you’re moving house anytime soon, be sure to give us a call on 01924 371164  or  07466165089 and we are happy to help!

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