Things to remember when you move

Buying a new property can be an exciting time, but once the news sinks in and you start to look at all of your stuff, panic can soon set in when it comes to the thought of packing up all of your belongings.

At AR Removals, our Wakefield house removal experts know first-hand how stressful this process can be. Because of that, we have put together this article to help keep you sane during your move.

1) Pack Smart

It sounds like an obvious suggestion, but our house removals experts see people all over Wakefield that do not pay close attention when packing boxes. Moving home gives you a chance to throw out the clutter – be brutal and stop hoarding! We also advise that you give yourself some time to pack, don’t take it all on in one go – go slow, it’s stress free and gives you more time to pack smart.

2) Don’t Pack Your Wardrobe

Pack your wardrobe last, but why? As house removal experts, we’ve picked up on little stressful things that can tick Wakefield-folk over the edge. Packing your clothes away early on can mean a lot of ironing when you get settled. Pack your wardrobe on the day of the move, and take them on the hangers. Then when you get there, unload them first, straight into your new wardrobe. It’s one less thing to have to sort out in the long run!

3) Switch Utilities

Pretty obvious, but we highly recommend that as soon as you get a date on when you are leaving the property, ring your utility companies and switch them over to your new property. It’s amazing how many people forget!

4) Hire A Removal Company

Last but not least, one of the most highly recommended things to do when moving is to hire a local house removal company. These people work day in and day out working with people in the same position as you, helping them move quickly and effectively. At AR Removals, our house removals experts in Wakefield are highly regarded as one of the most reliable in the area, carrying out a range of services including single items removals and emergency removals.

If you would like to speak to our Wakefield-based house removal experts, give us a call on 07466 165089.


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