Tips for a cat friendly house move

House moves are a naturally stressful time and process but take a minute to think how your cat and pets feel. There are many steps and measures you can take to simplify the process and make it much smoother and stress-free. Cats will find moving a scary shock which they cannot prepare for and will, therefore, become anxious and frightened. Make sure you take the time to help the move go as pain-free as possible for your feline pet, here are some tips:

  1. Shut your cat in one room

During moving day, put your cat in a familiar room. A bedroom is probably best as this will be a familiar and calming environment. Try to keep your cat away from all of the busy activities of the day such as packing up furniture and loading the van.

  1. Keep your cats’ belongings in the room with them
    Another way to keep your cats calm and relaxed is to keep all of their belongings with them. Things they see and use every day such as toys, beds or water bowl will help them feel more comfortable and less stressed.
  2. Put your cat into a carrier

Putting your cat into its own carrier will make for a much more relaxing move. If your cat is hesitant to get onto the carrier then try to lure it in with some food or treats.

  1. Open a window
    Whether the journey to your new place is just a few minutes or over an hour away, make sure you open a window in the car. Just like dogs, it is important that the cats can get plenty of fresh air during the move.

AR Removals is a Wakefield-based removal company that has a lot of experience in moves with pets. We are happy to accommodate any specific requirements you may have to help your move go as smoothly as possible. For more information, call us today on 01924 371164.

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