Tips for moving houseplants

Moving home with plants can be a difficult task and come with many complications associated with keeping them safe and alive. Plants have become a prominent feature in our Wakefield homes and have transitioned from a traditionally external decoration to a huge part of modern interior design.

There are many benefits that plants provide that convinces more and more homeowners to invest in them, but the most important thing is understanding how to move them to your new home safely and unharmed.

Here are our tips:

  1. Prepare the plant for travel. A general rule to follow that will suit most plants is that it is better for the soil to be dry rather than wet. Minimal water is a safer option than watering it before the move as having slightly moist soil is much healthier than it being overly damp.
  2. Wrap plants with newspaper before loading them if you’re moving in the winter. Even a few seconds of exposure to extreme cold can injure them. If your garage is connected to your house, load your plants while the car is in the garage.
  3. A simple and effective short-term fix for moving plants a short difference is to pack your plants in open boxes. This gives them enough structure and support to survive the journey without falling over or suffering any serious damage.
  4. Travelling can be especially tricky for the longer distance moves. To combat these challenges, treat them like you would a pet and don’t let them get too hot or cold. Also, if you do need to leave them in a car for more than a few hours then leave a window open slightly to make sure they get enough water.

Plants’ contribution to our homes extends far beyond just aesthetic beauty as they have many health benefits too. Living plants give off oxygen, which provides clean and fresh air for our homes. The benefits of houseplants are why homeowners need to be informed about how best to keep them alive.

One way to be sure that your plants survive the journey safely is by hiring a professional removal service. AR Removals are experienced in both domestic and commercial removals and will take extra care of your plants and delicate items. For more information on your domestic move, call a member of our team now on 01924 371164.

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