Top tips when moving house

It is a well-known fact that moving house can be a stressful activity.  Over the years AR Removal have helped many people in the Wakefield area move house and understanding how difficult packing up can sometimes be.  Drawing on our wealth of removal experience we have therefore come up with a list of ten top tips to help you move house hassle-free:

  1. Don’t mix and match

Keep items from different rooms in separate boxes.  This means that when you unpack everything will be in the correct place making the process quicker and easier for you.

  1. Use pre-existing padding

It is not always necessary to purchase special packing materials.  Socks, towels and old clothes make great padding to help protect your more delicate items.

  1. Hang on!

It is unnecessary to take clothes off their hangers, just cover them in a bin bag when you move.  This means that when you arrive at your new home they can be hung up in the wardrobe straight away.

  1. Keep glasses safe

To transport your glasses safely use empty cardboard wine cases.  This means that each glass is stored in its own compartment.  Newspaper can be used as extra padding if needed.

  1. Look out for liquids

It’s really important that liquids are kept upright and stored in a separate, plastic container to other items.  This means that if anything does spill other things won’t get damaged.

  1. Use suitcases for books

Packing boxes are prone to ripping when they have lots of heavy books inside them.  Suitcases provide a handy, alternative way of packing them up.

  1. Make handle holes

Heavy cardboard boxes are not always easy to lift.  To make things less difficult use a box cutter to make a hole on either side to provide something to grip onto.

  1. Have a box of moving day essentials

There are certain items that you will need access to on the day of the move itself.  To avoid unnecessary time and stress, put all these items in one box so they can easily be found when needed.

  1. Use sandwich bags for bits and pieces

It is likely that some furniture will have been taken apart before the move.  Sandwich bags are perfect for storing nuts, bolts and screws in so that they don’t get lost along the way.

  1. Don’t move what you don’t need!

Moving house is the perfect time to de-clutter by donating items you don’t need to charity.  This means less things to pack and unpack and more space in your new house!

To find out more about how we can help you move house please contact us on 01924 371164 or 07466165089.

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