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AR Removals are usually out and about the Wakefield area helping people move on a day to day basis. We know that in today’s economic climate, it’s becoming harder than ever before to get on the property ladder, and many are turning to rented properties instead. Our ethos at AR Removals is to support in the moving process wherever possible. So, we’ve made a few top tips for our clients who are looking at renting a property in order to keep themselves protected in both the short and long term.

Read the contract from back to front

This may sound like an obvious tip, however it’s amazing how many people do not read the full terms and conditions of any contract which they sign. This can prove to be particularly costly and is often where tenants make mistakes as hidden costs can sometimes be hidden in the contract. The agreement stipulates the period of time which you are in contract for, which will be a fixed period – once the contract is signed, you will need to honour that length of time. You should always seek advice or ask for clarification for any points in the contract which you’re unsure about, especially as a tenant you could be liable for something you were unaware of.

Check the deposit is in a protected scheme

UK law requires that landlords are obliged to protect a deposit in a government scheme, which is independent of the landlord and any letting agency. The scheme basically protects you, and acts as an independent adjudicator and offers protection should any dispute arise. It also allows you to get the full deposit back once your tenancy has completed at the property. Ensure that this has been done with your deposit when moving in, and remember they are breaking the law if they haven’t!

Make sure you check the inventory carefully

When you first move into the property, the chances are you will receive an inventory report from the landlord. This can vary and is dependent whether the property is furnished or not. It notes the condition of the property and any faults/marks/rips and tears etc. that is present. If you suspect something to not be in the condition that the report states, it is your responsibility to instruct the landlord or letting agents asap. If you don’t, you could be liable for any damage that isn’t stated in the report.

AR Removals are a reliable domestic removal company based in Wakefield and surrounding areas. If you’re looking to move in to your newly rented property, and would like to take as much stress out of the move as possible, then AR Removals can certainly help. For more information, feel free to give one of our friendly team a call on 01924 371164.

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