Top Tips for unpacking once the move is complete: Part 1

Once the move is complete, the removal men have left, and you’re faced with a mountain of boxes now to unpack. Here at AR Removals, we know that this is the most unpleasant part of moving, and truly when the hard work begins. Therefore, we’ve decided to give our customers some top tips to make this part of the process just that little bit easier. This week we’re giving our customers Part 1 of our top tips, with Part 2 coming soon!

Cleaning each room

Firstly, the most tiresome job is to clean every room. This is dependent on the end result, and unfortunately if it’s not done or avoided, it only means a deeper clean will have to be done later, whilst everything is already in the room. Ensure that you’ve prepared a box of cleaning goods before the move, so you don’t need to be rummaging through all the boxes looking for them.

Open the box with essentials in first

Essentials when moving include, toilet paper, toothbrush, snacks, a change of clothes, and anything you can’t get by without. This box should be packed and labelled clearly before the move, and will then make the rest of the move much easier.

‘Bathroom’ box is a must to open

The next box to open, which is key to a simple move, is finding and unpacking the box labelled ‘bathroom’. The bathroom tends to be the easiest room, partially because all the furniture is pretty much installed beforehand. Therefore, all that’s needed is the hygiene products, toilet paper, bathroom and cleaning products, and anyhting else that you have in your bathroom. Simple, the room is done – on to the next one!

Arrange the furniture

When the movers are unpacking, the best thing to do would be to tell them where to place each peiece of furntiure. This is a real help during the moving process, and any shortcut should be taken advantage of! However, if you’ve not yet decided where the furniture is going, this is the time to arrange in which room, the larger furniture is going.

AR Removals are proudly building themselves a reliable reputation around the Wakefield area. We try and ensure that we can remove as much stress from moving as possible, taking on much of the responsibility ourselves. We’re experts in removals, whether a domestic move, or commercial. We also do light haulage and storage in Wakefield and the surrounding areas. For more information, do not hesitate to give one of our friendly team a call on: 01924 371164 or click here.


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