Why you should move house in summer

When your moving home you want everything to go perfectly, you want to make sure there are no hiccups or road bumps that could possibly contribute to something going wrong. One way to sway this in your favour is by moving in the summer.

With other times of the year can have lots of problems associated with the weather, such as pouring rain or icy roads, that make for a stressful and unenjoyable moving day. June 31st 2015 was the most common day for removals in the UK and that’s no coincidence.

So why is summer the best time to move?


As mentioned above, the weather is a huge bonus. Mainly because it just adds to the happy and exciting atmosphere. It’s just easier to enjoy the excitement of moving day if it was bright and sunny outside than if is if its freezing. Likewise, if it is freezing this will probably mean carrying heavy boxes over icy paths.

Garage sales

Summer is a great time for garage sales. Garage sale are the perfect place to pick up small household items, accessories or ornaments for your new home. Likewise, if you’re moving and you need to declutter, then this can work too. Simply host a garden sale and flog of some old and unwanted items that you don’t want to pay to be removed.


As supply and demand works, the summer is the most common time for house moves. As a result of more people moving in the summer, there are more removal companies vying for business in the summer whilst the demand is high. As a result, they are forced to compete with each other and drop their prices

Days off

It is much easier to get days off in the summer than it is in the winter. Also, if you have children they probably won’t be at school so you can always use an extra pair of hands.

There are may reason why summer is the best time to move house. Wakefield based AR Removals have been providing excellent domestic removal services for people across Yorkshire. Find out more on how we a help by giving us a call now on 07466165089.

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